Utah Jazz sign point guard Dee Bost: Analysis

Dee Bost is going to sign a three year deal with the Utah Jazz, giving the team their second point guard signing in as many days. This news comes courtesy of Gino Pilato of D-League Digest and Mark Deeks of ShamSports.

Bost performed well in the D-League last season, averaging 15.2 points, 8.4 assists, and 6.1 rebounds per contest for the Idaho Stampede, so it’s not at all a surprise to see him get a camp invite. I’m sure very little of this is actually guaranteed salary, so it’s a no-lose situation for the Jazz.

(Ed. Note: right after publishing, Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times noted that Bost has a $65,000 guarantee. So yup, not really much.)

Bost is entering one hell of a competition in the backcourt though, now. The Jazz already have Trey Burke and Dante Exum who figure to get minutes at the point guard position. They’re planning on signing Toure Murry, and Ian Clark’s contract just became guaranteed on August 1st. And that doesn’t even account for the rest of the backcourt, which includes Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, Carrick Felix, and Rodney Hood — some of whom can get time at the 3 but are mostly better at the 2. The former Mississippi State product Bost is probably at best the fifth option at point guard, and with how much Hayward and Burks like to handle the ball, there isn’t much of a place for him.

So he’ll probably be playing to get picked up by someone else. And I like Bost’s game enough to where I think that’s a possibility. He does a lot of things well offensively, defends his ass off, and tries to get everyone involved. The biggest problem is that he can’t shoot at all.

That’s always the problem with guys like Bost. They always seem to have that one glaring flaw in their game. If he can ever get his shooting on track, this is an NBA player. If not, he’ll probably continue to toil in the vast, expansive purgatory between the NBA and D-League.

Sam Vecenie

Sam Vecenie is the editor-in-chief of Upside & Motor, as well as an editor at Hardwood Paroxysm. He likes to spend endless hours watching random NCAA game film, and scouring the internet for international basketball. You can find his other work at SBNation's college basketball platform.